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2018 B&B Dealer Expo is Friday April 6th & Saturday April 7th & Focal & Mosconi Dealer Training is on Sunday April 8th

Expo Testimonials

Over a 35+ year period and countless distributor line shows, I have never seen or participated in an event even remotely close to the magnitude of what B&B does.

The effort and expense did not go unnoticed. Beyond impressive!

I am pleased and honoured to have participated in the Expo, and look forward to many more.

- Chris Heimburg - Rostra Precision Controls Inc. - 2015

I would like to share the wonderful time I had at B&B Dealer Expo and Installer IQ School 2015. Working in the 12 Volt’s field for 25 years, I can testify that the B&B Electronics’ team did a great job and did everything to make sure we had an amazing experience. The best instructors offered intensive training and shared their knowledge and they told us what are the working tools they like to use to build great projects.

The B&B Dealer Expo and Installer IQ was the opportunity to meet with people passionate about the 12 Volt field, merchants, representatives and vendors from the best companies on the market.

I've been strongly inspired from what I learned in the Installer IQ.

Thanks again to the Haberman Marketing Team to promote 12 Volt with a great sense of professionalism.

- Frédéric Bernier - Auto Hi-Fi - 2015

To anyone that has not ever attended, you should! There is so much to be learned and hearing is believing. It is a first class event from start to finish. One of the unique things about this trade show (and I do a lot of them from other industries) is how tight it is: there is no downtime or gaps. They really have it together. Really quite the feat. My techs have been to the show many times and they have always left with valuable information that helps them and my shop. 360 really benefits from the event because of the buying programs and the insight of all the people that help support the event. It’s really quite amazing. B&B Electronics and Haberman Marketing are our partners and that is a how we continue to expand and flourish in such a competitive market place.

- Rick Francoeur - 360 Group - 2015

I was pleased with the expo, I found it to be a great experience and learning point. It was a fast paced environment which is what you sometimes have to deal with in our day to day jobs at work. The IQ teams were matched up accordingly and everything worked cohesively. There were a few vocal lessons and overviews followed by some hands on techniques that made it really easy to get a grasp on what was happening and what was expected of me and the teams. I very much liked how each team was allocated certain things they could use on the install and then they had to plan around it.

Overall it was a nonstop fun experience, everyone there (team members, staff members, and bystanders) was super informative, friendly, willing to offer suggestions and always complimenting the work you are doing. The food at the hotel was excellent as was the service, there was plenty of room to work in the ball room which made it easy to move your equipment and tools around. The most rewarding part was seeing the finished product, seeing what you can achieve and seeing how others react to it, It was truly an enjoyable experience.

- Liam Malloy - Auto Xtras Ltd. - 2015

B&B Electronics Expo has been the highlight of my training schedule yearly since its inception.

From the IQ installation hands on training, sales and product training to having factory representatives, it is the premiere 12 volt event in Canada, only surpassed by MERA and CES in the USA.

B&B is the only company that has the infrastructure and experience to be able to pull off an event like this!

I've been in this industry in one form or another for over 30 years and this event ranks at the top of my list and is a must see for any 12 volt dealer in Canada!

- Nick Wingate - Orca Design and Mfg. - 2014

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the expo. I have been a professional in the industry for over ten years and have been in and around it for almost 20. To have my eyes opened to a whole new world after all this time is an amazing thing. I know that my excitement will shine through and create more business and relationships that will help expand our company

- Jeff Bergman - Autotemp - 2014

Thank you for having us at your event.

This is the third year that I have attended the B&B Dealer Expo and I cannot wait till next year. The attention to detail, having guest speakers, and the multiple product training classes are some examples of the time and effort that go into this big event. The B&B Installer IQ school is a hands on class that teaches new and seasoned installers different technics for installing products and giving a vehicle that “custom look”. The end result was nothing short of amazing. In my opinion, this is a course for all installers to attend.

I want to give a big thank you to B & B Electronics and Haberman Marketing for hosting an excellent show. For all that missed the expo, you are missing out!

- Juan Lugo - Axxess Products and Services Metra Electronics - 2013

Yet again, B & B Electronics with Haberman Marketing continue to impress us. Attending the B&B Dealer Expo for the third year, KustomEis walked away with heads completely full of new knowledge and fresh ideas on bettering our business. The key note speakers this year were as good or better than last year with industry knowledge being offered on an hourly basis. The B&B Installer IQ version 2.0 has not only increased my installation staff’s knowledge (something that we lose sight of in the busy daily routine of running our business) but more importantly, given them the motivation to exercise this new knowledge instantly upon their return from the 4 day build off/training seminars. Our staff is really excited to create vehicle builds that may not have been a vision last season. Thanks B & B and Haberman Marketing.

- Kevin Jay Eiswerth - Kustomeis Car Audio - 2013

We always get good value from the B&B Dealer Expo. So much so that we send our entire staff. This year was even better than the previous years because of the additions to the B&B Installer IQ School. It was a tremendous experience. I was able to learn from not only the instructors, but the other techs on my team. The B&B IQ School had techs that were green as well as some with many years. The experience was enjoyed by all; it was a great opportunity to network with others in our industry. Great job Haberman Marketing and B&B Electronics!

- Kevin Falkenberg - Auto Xtras - 2013

We were able to attend the 2013 Expo. The drive from Medicine Hat was well worth the time in terms of the knowledge we gained. The product and display solutions were excellent. The networking opportunities were very good. We also benefited from the key note speakers and the all the different product and sales training sessions.

- Joe Chacko - Zelmore Wireless Group - 2013

Truely a world class event, not just a "buying show". The education and networking on this show will make you more profitable all year long, and the special deals at the event all add to that.

The IQ training for technicians blew me away.

I attend one other show of the same caliber as B&B's Expo each year. I end up paying about $2000 out of my pocket for that event. B&B delivers that with less travel time, and no expense to me and I get deals to boot. If you get invited to the Expo and don't attend you should reconsider why your in the 12V industry, as you might be out of it in a couple years if you don't see the need and value to be at the Expo! :)

- Tony Dehnke - Driven Audio - 2013

Thanks for a fantastic and educational show! Looking forward to getting things going with Focal and Mosconi.

Please thank the entire B&B team and all the suppliers for investing their time, money and attention in putting together what is a world class show. I am truly grateful.

As well, a special thank you for setting up the Grand Utopia listening sessions, truly amazing to hear them, and inspiring!


- Tony Dehnke - Driven Audio - 2012

2012 was my first time at a B&B Expo. It was really well done. It's so refreshing to see companies offer so much knowledge to their dealers (even though I had never bought anything from them before). They had: sales training; marketing training; store front training; installation training.

I didn't feel any pressure to buy their products or services, just enough incentive to purchase what I needed.

- Keith McCumber - Soundsgood Auto - 2012

The Expo show that B&B Electronics puts on every year is the best show of its kind that I have attended. Bringing in presenters that help me grow my business, rather than just sales presentations, shows me that they are invested in my success. The installer IQ training was incredibly specialized and I never would have had the chance to see it otherwise. It is always a jammed full, fun weekend. Thank You B&B Electronics and Haberman Marketing.

- Trevor Mustard - Direct Audio - 2012

For those of you who have not been to the B&B expo, consider going. Having been in the industry now for 18 yrs. its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. Whether it's install, product training, amazing eye opener sales seminars, come and experience what the best in the industry has to offer. I can tell you from personal experience that I have come away with a better understanding of the industry, it's direction and all it has to offer making me a better 12 volt specialist. If nothing else come and meet some amazing people from B&B and all the product specialists.

- Calvin Rhead - Krazy Kileys - 2012


2015 was our first year at the B&B Dealer Expo and we were impressed by the organization and quality of this conference. Everyone is busy and their time is valuable; our time was well used coming to the Expo as a one stop shop for all our 12 volt needs. The speakers and workshops were very educational. We are looking forward to next year!

- Curtis Froats - MobileWorks Electronics - 2015

The B&B Dealer Expo in Edmonton is the best Trade Show in North America for car stereo dealers and installers. It is a bit like a mini CES show targeted at car audio enthusiasts with several of the most import brands on display. Dealers and installers have the unique opportunity to speak directly with engineers and technicians, to learn about product application and give feedback for future product improvements.

On display are several vehicle installations and sound displays for instant comparison of product features and sound quality. Throughout the day and night there are continuous educational presentations by the vendors and industry experts. Presentations are focused on product features, application solutions and answering installation questions. Dave MacKinnon gave an unforgettable presentation on the pitfalls and importance of proper installation of DC power, ground and noise shielding - with lots of pictures of damaged parts from incorrect installation to prove his point!

The most unique and perhaps most important event at the B&B Dealer Expo is the B&B Installer IQ School. What makes this four day event so powerful is that top car stereo installers from all around Canada are working together as a team, sharing trade secrets, guided by fabrication experts Chris Shaw and Bryan Schmitt. Bryan Schmitt of Mobile Solutions teaches best technical practice and vital skills for best time efficiency construction techniques so the dealer can make better profits.

There is no substitute for hands on experience that you can not learn in a book or You Tube! Installers learn more in 4 days working together than they would learn in 10 years working alone. The learning experience is like the famous Lockheed Skunk Works operating methods.

Calling all dealers - The B&B Installer IQ School is the most important education you can give your installers to increase customer satisfaction and increase store profits. You will be able to offer fabrication service and technical competence that NONE of your competitors have, too win and keep more customers.

- Alan Hulsebus - Orca - 2015

My Experience was nothing but amazing from this year's B&B Dealer EXPO. I had brought my Family (Wife and Daughter) and we were treated like we were special celebrities or something in that manner. When I checked in we were given name tags but there wasn't one there for my daughter, so the Greeter took the extra time to make her one and even make her feel really special by getting her an orange Lanyard (which she really hyped up that is was very special). I thought this was an amazing start to the festivities and making it really family friendly too. From there on in I was not let down from the great speakers to the AMAZING food. Wow that food was nothing short of upper class. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that you could plan your own day and pick and choose who or what you wanted to see. Also if you did miss anything you could talk to the rep at the booth one on one. I think I learned even more from just talking to some of the reps later at night when we were just having some social time. I think the EXPO was a great hit just having product training and business oriented speakers all in one spot. I really like that some of the speakers don't even talk about products at all but just how we can make our business better! This really shows how much B&B cares about how our business grows. I enjoyed the speaker that talked about social media, she really opened our eyes. The Delta Staff was also amazing, they were always very courteous and always cleaning plates after meals. Delta definitely has world class service.

- Jon Scott - Airdrie Auto Trends Inc - 2015

Thank You to the B&B Team for another fun Expo. Food was always fresh, randomized and abundant. New products like Rydeen were nice to see. Even though I don’t drink the FREE drinks everyday was a nice touch. Training and Exhibiting with New dash kit’s/ interfaces and Oem solutions was great. Idata had the best seminar but that’s because it was from Phil. Rydeen had the best new products. “Jay Haberman yet again wins for best dressed”

- Eric Silljer - Kustomeis - 2015

I wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on the B&B Dealer Expo that we recently attended. First off thank you for inviting us and making us a part of the whole experience. We only attended Friday and Saturday and I did not partake in the install IQ this year(but plan to next year). The schedule that was put on was really well organized to be able to attend almost all the training that was available. In two days I attended the Clarion, Focal, Illusion, Mosconi, Gladen, Fortin, Solace, iDatalink, Metra, Certified Tracking, Wirez, Rostra and Audiovox Product training, not to mention there were classes on new vehicle OEM integration with Todd Ramsey which was very informative and eye opening. The keynote speakers that you have brought in, I think were crucial in enlightening the dealers including myself to think outside the box, to look at what future trends are happening, the benefits of social media in advertising. There are a lot of people who say our industry is dying but I beg to differ. With what was put on by B&B Electronics and Haberman Marketing it proves that we are alive and this is a very exciting time to be in the 12volt industry . After the dinner on Saturday night I got the chance to sit with Todd Ramsey of RCGI and Bryan Schmidt of Mobile Solutions and just talk shop, which for me was great, just to be able to get insight on and one on one basis. I also bought some tools for my new shop at a great rate. Thank you and your whole team for another great show and I look forward to attending next year

- Ahmed Madhas - AMS Car Audio - 2015

The B&B Electronics Expo is an exciting time to check out the newest products, especially after CES in Las Vegas. As an installer (and recent business owner), the skills and product knowledge acquired at the Expo are valuable. It’s a real pleasure to meet keynote speakers, audio experts, representatives, business owners and other installers.
I highly recommend the B&B Electronics Expo to business owners and their installer staff. It is vital to keep on top of new technology and products, because you are selling these products and services to your customers.

- Steve Roesel - XS Audio - 2014

The B&B Dealer Expo is clearly a first class event and maybe the best in class that I have seen in North America! I was impressed not only by the depth of content but also by the experienced team led by Jay Haberman, Kim and Ole Jensen. Roswell is excited to be partnered with the B&B family.

- Robert Oswell - Roswell - 2014

B&B Electronics is one of the most innovative distributors in all of North America, with great product lines and a mandate to support their retailers with tools and training. I have never seen anyone provide so much support and education to their clients anywhere in North America. This year everything came together and it felt like it was the best one yet. Truly a world class performance!

- Marcel Jacques Newell - Avidworx - 2014

The 2014 B&B Expo was an amazing event. Over the course of one weekend I learned so much about all the new products available to my customers and me. Seeing the new products first hand and being able to ask questions of the reps in attendance is great. The time that this show saves me is immeasurable. The people there are top quality and go the extra mile to make sure I have all the tools I need to not only succeed but to grow my business.

- Trevor - Direct Audio - 2014

Absolutely amazing! Never have I seen a supplier so dedicated to helping and educating electronics retailers to evolve and over come the changing markets. B&B Electronics goes beyond the extra mile. The amount of information and experience available to you by industry giants, business professional and the Haberman Marketing Sales Team is incomparable. My head is still spinning. Every year the B&B Dealer Expo sets me up with new ideas and new motivation and new knowledge for new success. I can't wait till next year. I'm even looking forward to helping with preparing dealer binders again. ;)

Thank You B&B Electronics and Haberman Marketing for all your efforts.

- Dan Scully - College Park Motors - 2013

Another expo gone by and I have to say it was a great success. Thank you B&B for having me again. Much appreciated. Nice to see so many familier faces again and get caught up on what is going on in this ever fast changing industry. The show had a lot of great seminars on product knowledge from guys like Nick Windgate, who is always full of knowledge and excitement. A true audiophile. The after hour time I got to spend in the Utopia room listening was AMAZING! Nothing better than good music on a top end rig and some drinks. Ok a lot. lol. If your store has installation I highly recommend the install training for your guys. Amazing hands on this year. Being in the industry for what seems like a life time I have seen alot happen over the last 19 yrs..but 1 thing stays the same and that's the amazing support from Kim and the staff at B&B electronics. Top-notch show from a top-notch distribution company! Thumbs up!

- Calvin Rhead - Krazy Kileys - 2013

My family, staff, and I had an awesome experience at the 2013 B&B Dealer Expo. The event was another big success. The sales and product training seminars and B&B Installer IQ 2.0 school was very educational and well organized. All the info gained was very useful. The entire B&B staff and Haberman Marketing Sales Team are first class and made everyone feel welcome. They should be very proud of the event they hosted. I especially want to thank our Sales Rep Brad Schacher; we could not ask for a better representative. Do not hesitate to attend the B&B Dealer Expo or the B&B Installer IQ. It is worth the trip and time. See you all in 2014. Thanks again B&B Electronics and Haberman Marketing!

- Doug Smith - Direct Current Mobile & Electronics Inc. - 2013

It was an honour to be a part of the B&B Electronics Dealer Expo this year. Not often enough do you see a distributor gather suppliers to educate the retailers on product, sales, marketing and installation. This was my first year at the event, I was very impressed with the amount of work B&B put into the show to make it the event it truly was. I have been traveling around North America visiting different retailers and distributors and I have seen nothing that comes close to this B&B Dealer Expo. You truly understood at this event that the goal was to become better for 2013 and providing the tools to all retailers to help grow their business.

- Jody Culbertson - 2013

Attending the B&B Expo for the first time this year was absolutely informative. Having only been in this industry for a short time, it was great to learn about so many products in one place. The advice and knowledge offered by all at the Expo is genuinely valuable and will help me on a daily basis at my job. Thanks to everyone who made the Expo such a fantastic event!

- Melissa Rankin - Auto Xtras - 2013

The B&B Expo is always an incredible experience. Its four days of non stop information structured in a way to be able to easily absorbed. For the business owner it is a very valuable time. For the installer the Installer IQ is a very unique training tool. Learning from industry professionals at the top of their game and interacting and networking with other installation teams from across Canada is invaluable.

- Trevor Mustard - Direct Audio Inc. - 2013

I was privileged to have attended the B&B Electronics Expo. I had never had the chance to make it out to it before, and was very excited to attend this year. My enthusiasm was well placed. The Expo was a gathering of manufacturers, retailers and installers. The contacts to be made was well worth the trip to the expo.

I am involved in sales, customer relations and business decisions of our Independent Outlet. I was very impressed and greatly enjoyed the keynote speakers from Audiovox and Focal, seeing the direction that manufacturers are proceeding was so very invaluable.

Product Demonstrations by Nick Wingate, the folks at Focal, Clarion, JBL, Pioneer, just to name a few, was such a rewarding experience, and really helped prove the products we were interested in. Seeing and hearing the product ourselves, to make informed purchasing decisions about what we want for our own markets, was just amazing. Not to mention, Installers being able to ask technical questions to a 27 time World Class Competition Winner.

I would like to reiterate that any individual in the Car Electronics Industry would be able to attend, enjoy, and leave the B&B Electronics Expo with valuable, pertinent information. I know I definitely left the show with an expanded knowledge and valuable information.

Thanks again B&B for the great show!

- Jason Courchene - CBS Installations - 2013

Our yearly invitation to the Expo really has taken our business to new heights. The knowledge/information sessions presented by industry experts coupled with the recent addition of installer technical hands on training has given us the tools that are critical in standing out in today's competitive 12volt market.

The relationships established each and every year at the Expo are all invaluable, keeping us well connected to our distributors and manufactures alike.

- Jay Eiswerth - KustomEis Car Audio - 2012

Thank you for the time and effort that was put in to making a really Great Expo!

Thank you for a very educational presentation on product, selling techniques and product displays. A must go show for owners and staff.

- Scott Kerpan - Audio Warehouse - 2012

I've been to a few expo's and by far the B&B Expo was the most informative hands on event I have had the pleasure of being a part of. Gary Toombs, Jay Haberman, and staff have been crucial to the success of my business. Thanks so much for everything and I can't wait to see you all again at the next Expo.

- John Vinczencz - Dark Horse Car Audio - 2012

Last years expo was excellent! All of the people were excellent and the knowledge gained from the industry professionals was invaluable. I can hardly wait for next year!

- Chris Perry - Dark Horse Car Audio - 2012

Thank you Haberman Marketing and B&B Electronics,

The B&B EXPO provides a great opportunity to participate in training on new and existing products. B&B does a great job in organizing product and sales seminars. We feel that the importance of attending is so great that we send all our staff as well as ourselves. Not only that but we look forward to networking with people within our industry. Do not miss it!

- Kevin Falkenberg - Auto Xtras - 2012