Internet of Things (IoT) – Opportunity in the Car

Deemed the Internet of Things (IoT), this workshop explores how the world of connected devices may influence your future business and installation opportunities. Significant investment in infrastructure and a push for open architecture is creating an entirely new category for use of electronics in the vehicle. From wearable technology and apps interacting in the car to safety-focused, connected vehicle functionality, you’ll get an outlook of the future for car electronics retailing and installation services.

Highlights include:

  • Newest Devices and Uses
  • Infrastructure in Vehicles and Connectivity
  • Consumer Awareness and Adoption
  • New Business to Business (B2B) services categories
  • How We Fit In and Create Opportunity
Todd Ramsey

Todd Ramsey

Todd Ramsey, founder of Ramsey Consulting Group, Inc. has over 27 years of technical training and content development experience in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Serving national and independent retailers, distributors, trade and consumer publications, trade shows, as well as online discussion forums, Todd creates unique written and in-person content that inspires while it educates. As a former 12 volt retail owner/operator himself, Todd knows the importance of conveying concise and focused information about in-vehicle technology firsthand. Since 1993, he has educated industry professionals all over the world. Todd is actively involved with leading industry education objectives through trade associations such as SEMA and CEA. Ramsey Consulting Group also oversees credential administration and content development for CEA’s Mobile Electronic Certified Professionals (MECP) program, the industry’s only widely recognized installation technician certification. Many aftermarket 12 volt installers in today’s installation bays have learned from Todd’s OEM Audio Integration and Automotive Electrical training seminars. Todd holds an Honorary MECP Master Installation Technician Certification and an ASE A6 Electrical Certification.

Creating a customer for Life

We all know that it costs a lot of money and time to have a customer walk into our store. We want to provide them with the best possible experience in your store. If you create a customer for life the following will happen:

  • Your sales go up
  • The customer will stay with you longer
  • The competition is hurt
  • It is easier to have your customers buy more
  • You can achieve higher profit margins

So how do we make this a reality? I will discuss how trust, presentation & listening will help you achieve a customer for life. People want to feel that they have been heard and their needs met in a way that is over and above to them. It is way too easy for a customer to search for a price point and product these days with google, by following these 3 simple tips you will be able to work at gaining more customers for life. We will cover the following:

  • Benefits of a customer for life
  • 6 Keys to a great customer experience
  • 5 Ways to destroy trust
Jody Culbertson

Jody Culbertson

Jody Culbertson is one of those unique individuals who has seen all sides of the mobile electronics industry over the course of 2 decades. Starting his career with Visions Electronic in 1994 as a installer, Jody steadily moved up the ladder of the Visions Electronics organization and by 2001, assumed the role of Car Audio Product Manager. From this position, Jody was able to mould Visions Electronics into one of Canada’s leading Mobile Audio retailers by successfully creating a big box feel with an independent store service, quality, and workmanship level provided for their customers. Jody’s experiences cover all aspects of the mobile electronics business from installing, management, marketing, sales, training, and strategic purchasing.

Now a sought after industry consultant who shares his expertise with independent retailers across North America, Jody’s presentations are based upon real life examples 12 volt independent dealers go through each day. B&B Electronics is pleased to offer you Jody's industry acclaimed presentations and training programs, presented at MERA for the last three years, to enable retailers to increase their own market share and increase profitability in their stores. Jody brings this same knowledge and insight back to Canada for the 2nd year to the 2014 B&B Dealer Expo.

Key Habits of Effective People

These key habits will help to develop you personally and so become more effective in how you work and relate with other people. Developing these habits can help you tackle your work and life challenges with new confidence. At the core of these habits are a deeper understanding of yourself and an appreciation of the fact that you need others in order to achieve your goals. You will see how you can develop these habits in your business and personal life which will take sometime and effort but in the end is so rewarding to have more time to do what you want to do during your day.

  • Understand the difference between efficient and effective people
  • 6 Crucial habits of effective people